Why do you choose this course?

The purpose of the Master Degree is to prepare a new professional psychologist who is capable of dealing not only with the personal problems of individuals, couples and families, but also with work-related problems, their development in enterprises, institutions and non-profit organizations.
Aside from lectures, courses are characterized by active learning through exercises, role plays and group work.
Moreover, a curricular traineeship is provided within the two yeas of course work and is mandatory to acquire the title of clinical psychologist practicing in Italy.

The curriculum in Clinical Psychology has specific objectives, including:

  • theories, methods, and techniques of dynamic, clinical, and psychopathological psychology, encompassing their epistemological premises and biological dimension and including the neuroscientific developmental aspects of the human brain;
  • diagnoses related to traumatic levels and possible personality disorders with prognostic indications for potential treatments;
  • indication of how to intervene to heal traumatic after-effects and how to establish a plan of treatment in case of personality disorders;
  • mastery of the operational techniques that distinguish the key methods of clinical and neuropsychological intervention;
  • capacity to plan and carry out interventions on individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations, paying attention to the analysis of the relational, social, and cultural context in which psychological phenomena and clinical interventions occur;
  • methods to design and implement research in the clinical field.

Laboratories, conducted in small groups, consist of exercises and real or simulated experiences related to the fields of clinical, dynamic, neuropsychological, and health psychology, aimed at imparting various competencies.
Extra-university activities and study stays at other Italian and foreign universities are included, in line with international agreements.

Finally, to obtain the degree in Clinical Psychology (LM-51 class) qualifying to practice as a professional psychologist, in Italy, a part of the course - equal to 20 CFU - involves a in-course Tirocinio-Pratico-Valutativo (TPV; practical-assessment traineeship). This traineeship is primarily carried out in external Italian facilities (16 CFU) and internally (4 CFU), where students have the opportunity to work with professional psychologists operating in the main areas of clinical intervention. The TPV enables students to acquire proficiency and autonomy in applying the primary operational tools available to psychologists and is the preliminary step to actually discuss the final dissertation that is mandatory in order to graduate from the program.

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