The Curriculum in Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organizations is part of the International educational offering of the University of Bergamo; it is entirely taught in English and the Faculty is partly composed of international scholars.

Students will learn about theories, techniques, and main intervention methods in the fields of clinical psychology, psychodynamics, psychopathology, neuroscience and neuropsychology, with a focus on analyzing individual, relational, social, family and cultural contexts.

The degree in Psychology - LM-51 class qualifies graduates to practice as professional psychologists (in Italy) upon successfully passing the final exam. This final exam includes the completion of a Prova-Pratico-Valutativa (PPV; practical-assessment test) of the professional skills acquired through the in-course Tirocinio-Pratico-Valutativo (TPV; practical-assessment traineeship). This exam is mandatory and is taken before the “final discussion of the thesis” (laurea) in order to actually get the degree in Clinical Psychology and, as said above, in order to qualify for the practice of psychologist in Italy.

In addition to the curriculum in Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organizations, the Master Degree course also includes two other curricula entirely taught in Italian: one in Psicologia Clinica (Clinical Psychology) and one in Psicologia della Salute nei Contesti Sociali (Health Psychology in Social Context), which can be found on the following page.

Program Director: prof. Clara Mucci