Admission Requirements

In order to access the Degree in Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organizations a bachelor degree and 88 credits in the psychological areas (in Italy, they are called M-PSI areas) are necessary.

These requirements are in agreement with the Europsy Project and the conference of the Presidents of the Master Courses in Psychology, aiming at providing a solid training, to clearly identify the realms of the future professional figure of the psychologist and to provide working opportunities for the future psychologists.

For admission to the Master Degree in Clinical Psychology you must

1. hold the following CURRICULAR REQUIREMENTS:
A) have earned an Italian BA degree and have acquired, by the deadline of the registration for the selection, at least 88 university credits (for graduating students even the exams which are present in the study plan and have not been passed yet will be considered) distributed in each one of the 8 scientific-disciplinary fields M-PSI:

  • M-PSI/01 (general psychology)
  • M-PSI/02 (psychobiology and physiological psychology)
  • M-PSI/03 (psychometry)
  • M-PSI/04 (developmental and educational psychology)
  • M-PSI/05 (social psychology)
  • M-PSI/06 (work and organizational psychology)
  • M-PSI/07 (dynamic psychology)
  • M-PSI/08 (clinical psychology)

OR IN SUBSTITUTION of the Italian BA degree:
B) have acquired another recognised qualification earned abroad.
The foreign qualification must have been issued by a legally recognized University or by a legally recognized post-secondary Higher Education Institute and must allow, in the education system of the country that issued it, the continuation of university studies at the next level - second cycle (Bologna process).
The Selection Committee assesses the suitability of the foreign academic qualification for admission to the course.

For the purposes of fulfilling this requirement, the following will be considered valid:

(a) hold of one of the certificates of a minimum level B2 listed in the table of equivalence of the CCL, acquired no later than 5 years prior to the academic year of admission: International certificates recognized by the CCL;
(b) have a bachelor's degree totally taught and received in English (vehicular language) and valid in an English speaking country (equally to a B2 level).

The requirement of the knowledge of the English language is mandatory for admission to the selection procedure and a knowledge of the Italian language at least at a preliminary level at the moment of enrolment is strongly recommended, to be definitely improved within the two years of program,  since the student will have as part of the curriculum to enrol in the practical training which, at least in the second year, will be held in Italian. The larning process of the Italian language is an important aspect because at the end of the two years of the program the student will be evaluated through the PPV (prova pratica valutativa) exam which is held in Italian and qualifies to practice as a psychologist in Italy.

Students who are planning to get their bachelor's degree during the session of March-April can still apply, but they need to have the requirements within the session of March-April.
Failure to meet the admission requirements will result in exclusion from the selection procedure set out in the relevant notice and will prevent enrolment.